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      It has been statistically validated, in an article written by an officer of the court, (Attorney Steven T. Lowe -Death of Copyright, The Perfect Storm- November, 2010-* ) that  96%  (46/48) of all copyright infringement cases, filed against major networks and studios (in two of the bigger circuits, New York and California, and the lower courts within those circuits) NEVER had to face a jury, IN THE LAST 20 YEARS.


What incentive is there for them, or anyone else employed by these mega corporations, NOT TO STEAL INDEPENDENT/ARTISTS WORKS if we allow this trend to continue? If 96% of alleged criminals (bank robbers, pedophiles, rapists etc.) were allowed to, essentially,  NEVER have to go to trial and they were, subsequently set “Scott-free” (as are these major networks and studios) after being charged, the public outcry would be deafening...once they are made aware of this INJUSTICE! We must continue to raise awareness and stop Hollywood from, allegedly, the Name of the Law (Summary Judgment)…. essentially bringing creativity to its DEATH!


The groundbreaking documentary “InJustice for All…Summary MisJudgment” tells  five Independent Artists' stories, from different parts of the United States, and  their, shockingly, similar accounts of  1) creating projects 2) attempting to secure distribution/promotion of these projects 3) the discovery of major/ international success of their previously released projects by major Celebrities /corporations 4) the detailed similarities (on the court’s record) between the pieces, and 5) frighteningly similar stories of attorney practices, in many of these cases, in ultimately getting each one of these cases dismissed on Summary Judgment; despite the law and precedent frowning upon such dismissals- while, allegedly, ignoring/distorting/replacing independent expert testimonies/the law, to achieve the desired pro-defendant biased results.




   Carla B. Boone sued rapper Fabolous, Pharrell Williams et. al

for their rap song


2) PAY THE PRICE vs. DRUMLINE- Darryl D. Lassiter sued Dallas   Austin, 20th Century Fox et. al. for Drumline’s similarities to Lassiter’s screenplay/movie


3) BOB SPONGEE vs. SPONGE BOB-Troy Walker sued Stephen Hillenburg, Nickelodeon, Viacom et. al. for SpongeBob SquarePants’ similarities to Walker’s cartoon Bob Spongee


4) PSI-OPS vs. PSI-OPS (MINDGATE CONSPIRACY)-William Crawford, III sued Midway Games for Psi-Ops (Mindgate Conspiracy’s)similarities to Crawford’s screenplay


5) NO HARM/NO FOUL-BRONX HOUSE v. LIFE- Gregory L. Hudson sued Eddie Murphy, Universal Studios et. al. for the movie Life’s similarities to Hudson’s stage plays

Lady Gaga said it  best “We were born this way,….”… born to create & born with a passion that will never die…Thus, we can NEVER allow the “Death of Copyright!”….

for as it goes, so shall we!








      Although we (and more importantly learned scholars Professors **Suja A. Thomas and **John Bronsteen) allege that Summary Judgment is Unconstitutional, the rules and regulations are very clear and specific:

                      "SJ should only be granted if there was no way that the Plaintiff could win." F. R.C.P. Rule 56 (c)


‘We allege that these courts are complicit in ruining the lives/health/careers and dreams of hard-working, law abiding, tax-paying citizens . For, if these alleged serial thieves choose not to stop, then our government/elected officials owes it to us, its citizens, once put on notice, to make them stop!"




*(Article written November 2010 and Beverly Hills copyright symposium, October 2011- “Death of Copyright..The Perfect Storm”)*





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