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      Artists continuously market their projects (movies, songs, screenplays, cartoons etc.) to Hollywood/major companies in pursuit of their dream of securing national distribution/promotion, only to have their lives and careers shattered when their projects are "allegedly" stolen by national/international celebrities/corporations.



 From Marvin Gaye’s hit single "Got to  Give it Up" being alleged to have been recreated in Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams' blockbuster single “Blurred Lines,’’ to countless Eddie Murphy movies/ projects, superstars have been, continuously,

charged with, allegedly, stealing billions of dollars worth of Independent/Artists songs, movies etc.



Then, once their cases are filed with Courts, their nightmare is exacerbated when these same cases are, eventually, dismissed by alleged subjective “opinions" of judges (Summary Judgment (SJ) Motions); essentially denying these citizens their Seventh Amendment, Constitutional right to an unbiased jury trial of their peers. And, contrary to popular opinion, these Artists held valid copyright certificates for their works at the time these cases were placed upon the dockets of the court.


For the first time ever, we Educate, Entertain, Empower and Expose the world and Artistic community to what we allege is one of the biggest secrets of Hollywood, in its history, and greatest shames of the Federal judicial system...How Hollywood, allegedly, steals...In the Name of the Law (Summary Judgment).





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